A day in the life
of a European child

Guide to school meals
across Europe

Guide to sport
across Europe


Duration: from September 2009 to March 2010 

Promote students personal and professional development in order to become a healthy, active European citizen.
Analyse and compare their own eating and exercise habits.
Think the importance of a healthy balanced diet and the importance exercise plays in maintaining healthy lifestyles.
Understand the importance of sport as part of a healthy lifestyle. Encouraged the pupils to join in as many new sports and outdoor activities as they can.

A day in the life of a European child
Make a diary of a child’s day, from getting up to meal times, exercise and bedtimes. Share and compare children's habits of the nine countries.
Guide to school meals across Europe:
Research school meals across Europe. Take photographs of school meals and compare across Europe. Compare times of breaks.
Guide to sport across Europe:
Research different sporting activities across Europe. Make lists of sports children participate in, try a different sport recommended by a European friend.


Finished Products: Three booklets and three presentations with the materials of all the partners for the three topics: “A day in the life of a European child”, “Guide to school meals across Europe”, “Guide to sport across Europe”





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