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Luzino on the map Luzino

Luzino is a big village situated in the beautiful countryside of the Kaszuby region. It is located in the close vicinity of the Baltic Sea and the city of Gdańsk, where the Solidarity movement originated and where Lech Wałęsa lives.

Polish school Polish school

We take great pride in our tradition. We boast our own museum, a Kashubian vocal and dance group, as well as an exhibition room presenting the life of Lech Bądkowski, after whom our school is named. We also learn the Kashubian language and traditional Kashubian embroidery!

Our school is very big. There are over 760 students and the staff of almost 90 teachers and administration employees work here.

Polish school Polish school

We have a lot of subjects in our school. We like Sport and ICT most. Science is interesting, too.
We are happy when we have classes in the language lab. We love going to the swimming pool.

Polish school Polish school
Polish school Polish school

At the end of our education in primary school the government tests our knowledge and skills. We sit an examination (with good results). We always score above the regional and national average and we are proud of it!

Time seems to fly in our school. We work with a motto in our minds: ‘With traditional Kashubian values to a modern life in Europe’.