St Martins Garden Primary School

Bath, Somerset, ENGLAND


English school
English school

Bath is the tourist town

We are on the southern edge of the city
Much of the building is over 50 years old.
We have a very large, green and often wet site. We have lots of playspace (tarmac and grass)

English school English school

We cater for a wide range of children and their families.

We try to add a great deal to our children’s lives.

English school English school

Nursery (Foundation Stage 1) and Reception (Foundation Stage 2)
The Foundation Stage covers 2 years (3-5 years old) Nearly all the learning in FS1 is through play
Most of the learning in FS2 is through activity. Children are assessed at the beginning and end of FS2

English school English school

Key Stage 1 (5-7)
The basic skills in numeracy and literacy are worked on in KS1
Many of our children have low standards of learning from their home backgrounds
We do not reach national standards
Children are tested at the age of 7.

Key Stage 2 (7-11 years)
They are tested at the age of 11.


English school English school
Our school reflects the wide and changing English community.