Skolen Ved Bülowsvej

Frederiksberg - Copenhagen



Danish school
Danish school A primary
og lower
secondary school
at Copenhagen.
At Copenhagen
in Denmark with:
5.000.000 inhabitants
700.000 school children
One Queen and 3 Princes
A lot of bicycles.


Pictures of Denmark
Danish school

A public school in urban settings
at Frederiksberg

•Preschool and 1th to 9th

•750 children, 36 classes

•SFO(after school activs.) for children to 3. grade


Danish: all Classes.

•English: Classes 4 to 9.

•Christian studies: all Classes.

•History: Classes 3 to 8.

•Social studies: Class 9.

•PE and sport: all Classes.

•Music: Classes 1 to 6.

•Art: Classes 1 to 5.

•Textile design, wood/metalwork and home economics: one or more of Classes 4 to 7.

•Mathematics: all Classes.

•Science: Classes 1 to 6.

•Geography+biology:Classes 7 - 8.

•Physics/chemistry: Classes 7 to 9.

Danish school
Danish school

SFO Thorvald


After school activites all afternoons from 13.00 to 17.00


All preschool children and all 1th to 3th grade children